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Sensuality and Eroticism

Sensuality is felt in a number of different ways, it can be experienced alone or with another person. It’s an energy that’s undeniable, sacred and full of passion, and engages in all five senses. Eating an amazing meal can be sensual, the smell, the taste and the textures make an experience that allows you to be fully present. The word sensual tends to be overused in a relation to a sexual experience, when really, the word simply applies to anything that involves the senses.

Eroticism is something that drives and captures one’s sense of vitality and vibrant energy. And just like sensuality, eroticism can be experienced sexually, or in a different context. Eroticism fueled by our own imagination, our own creativity, and encompasses curiosity and playfulness. As we start to embrace our eroticism, we begin to enjoy new facets of our sexuality. The erotic truly is one of the most powerful energies we have. Tapping in to this energy gives us access to something far more profound than our own individual empowerment, and taps into our sexual fantasies which are vital for sexual arousal. It's something far beyond the stereotypical head banging scenes on online porn.

Erotic massage is another tool to allow a person to explore desires and fantasies. Oftentimes, when someone doesn't know what they find to be erotic, they may not be able to distinguish what they really crave, be it the more sexual or simply human connection. And with this understanding, erotic massage can be a new type of experimenting, for some, a different way of experiencing and enjoying parts of one's sexuality that make you feel turned on and aroused. Sensuality is that which encompasses all of the senses while eroticism is a matter of our cognition, how one perceives things to be arousing; and erotic massage is a tool to allow you to explore more of these pleasures.

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