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The Ritual of Erotic Massage

I've said this before and I will say it again, a good erotic, tantric massage is much more than a regular massage with a handjob at the end. A man's body has physical, spiritual and energetic dimensions, that under the hands of an experienced erotic practitioner, can be played like a beautiful musical instrument. Along with the nerve endings and muscles, organs and sexual organs, there are the personal experiences and the soul. For those men that are intimately familiar with their bodies, an erotic massage is a wonderful ritual to reinforce his experiences in intimacy and sensuality. For those that are new or just starting to explore their sexuality, an erotic massage can be a mind opening experience. An analogy to the idea is a car, anyone can drive a car but give the car to a professional race car driver and you can see the true capabilities of the machine. With this, I begin an erotic massage with the first touch which lays down trust, transmits my sense of calm, that I am present, I continue with a soft touch, all across the body which creates the first sensations of ecstasy, relief, pleasure...letting go. As the massage goes on, I manipulate the energy points on the body, charging the energy, subtly, lightly...I probe the various g spots for sensitivity and I listen for changes in breathing, heart beat, skin tone and make a mental note of the response. Raising the energy, charging the energy points, making skin contact, building excitement, probing, stroking, the energy continues to build; edging slowly, teasing the g spots, pressuring the prostate, and slowly leading to the long awaited orgasm, sometimes body-wide convulsions that sends the man into a state of ecstasy. This is a moment of beauty and transformation, I hold the man, act as a witness, connect the eyes, rejoice, wait for the wave to pass, and then I peacefully continue the massage with the hands, arms and neck. The last part is laying my hands on the chest and stomach, saying a prayer and disconnecting the energy. This ritual is cleansing, it's a way to transform pent up energy and release it. A man's body is a gift and this is a celebration.

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