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Safe Space to Explore

A few months ago, I had a young man come in for a massage.  He was up front about being straight and he was only looking for a therapeutic massage.  He undressed only to his underwear and the massage started.  I was very respectful to his needs and performed a relaxing massage while he told me about his recent history, about having moved into the city from Italy.  He said he moved in with his girlfriend but complained about Italian culture being too conservative for him.  He said he was glad to be in a country that let him be more free to be himself.   I wasn’t exactly sure what he meant by that but I just went with it.

It was at the mid point of the massage and I had him turn over, I adjusted everything and noticed a very large erection just under his underwear.   I worked on his feet and legs, then worked on his torso where I accidentally brushed up against his erection and I heard him moan slightly.  I asked him if wanted a more erotic massage and he said yes, so off came his underwear and I worked on him in more satisfying ways, touching his nipples, his scrotum and his cock.  He also reached out and gently groped me, running his hand across my chest and grabbing on to my cock.  He began to moan and writhe and every minute or two, he would turn to me and say “but I am straight”.   The young man eventually climaxed in a massive explosion on to his chest, I waited to for energy to drop, I cleaned him up and finished working on his arms and neck so that he could relax and absorb everything.

When the massage was over and he dressed, he was marveling at what had just happened.  He mentioned again that he was straight but then added that he didn’t understand why he keeps having these experiences.

It’s obvious he wasn’t completely straight and he was looking for a safe space to explore his sexuality and I was happy to provide the safe space.  Not everyone grows up with a clear idea of who they are sexually and sometimes it takes years to figure it out. Some people just need a safe space to try out new things and see how it feels and the massage I do is part of that.  It’s a safe way to explore your body and your sexuality, with out judgement, and with understanding and support.


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